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All images on this website are imaged exclusively on traditional film emulsion.


Images displayed on the portfolios are achieved using a combination of traditional roll film, sheet film and 35mm film. Some artifact from uploading the images results and variation in tonal hue is inevitable from monitor to monitor.



Works exhibited in the main portfolio are available as limited edition signed prints by the artist. A preference for signed verso or signed matt prints can be requested. Prices rise towards the end of an edition.

A combination of the finest traditional and modern printing methods are used to achieve image quality of high archival stability. All printing is carried out in collaboration with a single traditional or digital print maker. The complementariness of traditional and digital printing is inherent in the artist's philosophy and therefore viewers are offered a choice in most circumstances between traditional print preparation via traditional chemistry techniques or via the latest digital printing techniques. Print papers include traditional silver gelatin papers; high quality traditional Ilfochrome and Hahnemühle digital fine art archival paper. For details of print prices, please contact the artist. Prints are supplied unframed and unmatted unless requested otherwise. Framed prints are either dry mounted or flat mounted using acid-free board and material to achieve archival stability.

Silver Gelatin Print

Images crafted on negative film and are available as silver gelatin prints using Ilford fibre-based papers using traditional optical methods and prepared to archival standards. Limitations in sizes and delivery times may apply. As these prints are crafted from a hand-printing process in small numbers, minor print variations endow the print with unique characteristics. Traditional sepia hand-toning of images and the use of specific fibre based emulsions render a uniqueness to hand-toned images, coupled with excellent archival properties. As a result, the images shown on this website are an approximation only.


Ilfochrome Print

The quality of an Ilfochrome print expresses a distinction unparalleled by both older reversal printing techniques as well as modern digital techniques. Ilfochrome prints possess a depth of tonal and/or colour range with a high gloss finish. This is not suitable for unspecialised framers using dry-mounting on account of its fragile surface which demands exquisite attention and care during the framing process.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Print

Hahnemühle prints are meticulously prepared under the artist's direction in collaboration with the finest fine art digital print maker. These prints are realised using archival pigment inks onto acid-free Hahnemühle archival fine art paper of 308gm weight, tested for UV proofing and lightfastness. Hahnemühle prints are tested for archival stability for up to 100 years. Prints are supplied with a white border and represent a durable and heavyweight printing medium of fine art quality suitable for exhibition and framing purposes. A satin finish is available as an alternative to this standard paper.


Print Dimensions

Approximate dimensions are quoted for full image sizes on paper without borders. Please check if borders are required. Hahnemühle prints are available with a white border, however traditional Ilfochrome prints are realised from the maximum dimension of the paper and thus are supplied without borders. Larger sizes are available on request.


Print Viewing

The internet offers a rapid and convenient communication link for information and for viewing images. This convenience does not replace the traditional experience of viewing a print before its acquisition. Viewers are strongly recommended to visit and arrange a personal viewing as the calibre of print quality is not discernible from a screen image.

A selection of work is available on sale at branches of the London Picture Centre. Interested viewers are welcome to view prints at the following venues:


The London Picture Centre

18 Crawford Lane


W1 1PF

Nearest Underground Tube:

Baker Street



The London Picture Centre

723 Fulham Road

Fulham, London


Nearest Underground Tube:

Parsons Green

Colour photographic prints
Monochrome photographic prints


Arrangements for viewing of a particular image is negotiable with the artist for the above venues. With special thanks to Albert Williams of the London Picture Centre for support, mentoring and gallery representation.

For viewing of monochrome work, follow the link to the exhibition


Print Sales

Mail order and overseas customers, please contact [NO SPAM]



The artist's work is conceived and painstakingly realised with personal conviction and meticulousness towards the expression of detail throughout the image crafting process on film emulsion. Every effort is made to ensure an image of the same quality of vision is offered.




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