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Compassion UK

An international charity dedicated to the improvement of children lives throughout the world

The London Picture Centre

Fine Art galleries based in London

English HeritageConservation site of the British environment

The National Trust

Dedicated to the preservation of the natural and historical landscape of the United Kingdom


Photographic Literature

Ag MagazineBlack & White fine art photography quarterly

The British Journal of Photography

Weekly rag highlighting modern trends in photography

Etudes Photographiques

Revue semestrielle publiée par la Société française de photographie

Lenswork Magazine American West Coast tradition and perspective on photography
London Independent Photography Quarterly journal and forum for London based photographers
Professional Photographer Broad resource for the British photographer

Whole Plate [ 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch] format Resource & Forum


Traditional Film-based Photography 
Yankang YangImages from China: Catholic ruralism
James SilvermanScandinavian based photographer of the interior design
PR Saunders Landscape photography: The spirit of the English landscape
Melanie NissenPortrait of a musician: iconic representation of the modern American artist
Ernst FischerLandscape of the urban surreal
Hon Oia DongFrom the classical Chinese pictorial tradition: silver gelatin printmaking
Chien Chi ChangOutside China: the Chain (images from a modern asylum)
Doug BurgessVirginia; American landscape photographer interprets elegance and carnage
ArtemisworksLondon based photographer J R Ong in the vision of the everyday life: photography from London and beyond


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