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"Tracing light back to its source"

RJ Lam is a fine art photographer, who works as an artisan striving in sympathy with the Renaissance spirit to achieve an integration of classical influences beyond the realm of photography. Currently based in London, he favours working towards a degree of expressivity with the local landscape beyond the dramatic epic. His imaging techniques rest firmly on traditional film based media eschewing digitalisation or manipulation of the image.



"In my photographic journey, it is the domain of interiority which I strive to essay and distill within the external world. Interiority and all that goes beyond the self - this is the prism through which the essence of my relationship to the external world is unmasked. It is through personal perspective and organisation that an image is wrought to reveal a weltanschauung of essences, transformed through the love and valorisation of light. Light organises interiority from without and enables a transformation of the external world in dialogic engagement. Thus mere representation and topography yield to an experience of participation with a landscape; a place and the subject itself."


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